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This is the general privacy conditions of ESTAIR OÜ, which are applied when communicating with ESTAIR OÜ and natural and legal persons, including through electronic channels. The privacy terms explain the types of data collected by ESTAIR OÜ and establish the general procedure for their use and the rights of the parties. The goal of ESTAIR OÜ is reliability and responsibility. When processing data (including personal data), we proceed from the Privacy Terms, good practice and laws.

The privacy terms state that data (including personal data):

  1. types
  2. collection
  3. processing
  4. storage and deletion
  5. rights of the data subject
  6. modification and validity of the terms and conditions
  7. access to third parties
  8. contact details and information


In the daily work of ESTAIR OÜ, we come into contact with a number of data types, such as customer relations, partnership relations, employment relations, etc. A large part of the data consists of contact and personal data of customers, cooperation partners and employees. In addition, we come into contact with sales data arising from customer relations orders.

ESTAIR OÜ collects, among other things, the following types of data:

  1. personal data published by customers and data subjects;
  2. personal data generated when communicating with customers, data subjects, partners and employees (for example, data necessary for concluding an employment contract);
  3. disclosed personal data (for example on social media);
  4. personal data generated when using services, including through electronic channels (for example, when using the e-shop);
  5. data generated by visiting and using the website (including personal data) (for example, cookies);
  6. personal data sent from third parties (for example, partners’ contacts);
  7. data generated from customer relations (for example, order history, accounting, etc.).


We use different data channels to collect data, such as direct communication, telephone conversation or electronic channels. We collect and use only those personal data that are necessary for the work of ESTAIR OÜ and for effective customer service. At the same time, we also collect general data through third parties (for example, when visiting a website, “cookies” are stored on the visitor’s computer, which are the basis for collecting website visitation statistics, etc.). When collecting all data, we always proceed from the interests, rights, and freedoms of employees, cooperation partners, and customers. For example, in the course of customer communication, we store the following personal data: first and last name, phone number, e-mail address. In addition, in the course of the provision of services, we provide third parties (for example, an airline or a foreign embassy, etc.) with the data of, for example, a passport or another identity document, etc. If necessary, we may request additional data from the data subject or collect data from public databases or portals. The goal is to be as transparent as possible and a company that respects the privacy of the data subject when handling the collected data.


The processing of personal data is based on the laws of ESTAIR OÜ (including taking into account the legitimate interest of ESTAIR OÜ and the conditions arising from contracts concluded with ESTAIR OÜ and third parties) and the consent of the data subject to allow us to process personal data. We may collect, store, store, transmit, use and otherwise process data (including personal data) in an appropriate manner, in particular to:

  1. conclusion of contracts (for example, employment contracts, customer contracts, etc.);
  2. creating and maintaining customer relationships (for example, due diligence);
  3. invoicing and sending and accounting;
  4. execution of sales processes (including e-mail, telephone, social media, etc. via electronic channels);
  5. legal requirement to provide information to third parties (for example, the police);
  6. usage statistics of electronic channels (cookies);
  7. improving the ease of use of electronic channels (cookies);
  8. in case of legitimate interest, improving service quality and managing the company.

We ask for consent to use personal data in a clear, understandable and simple language. Consent can be given verbally, in writing, or in electronic form. With the consent of the data subject, we also use the collected data (including personal data) to send, for example, newsletters, offers, reminders, invitations, feedback surveys and other advertising messages. If it is, for example, the personal data of a job applicant, if the applicant is not selected, we will keep the applicant’s personal data for up to three years. This is necessary so that when a job becomes available, we can make a job offer to the applicant. Of course, we do not store the jobseeker’s personal data without prior specific consent. On the basis of a legitimate interest, we process personal data, for example, to maintain reliable customer relations, to analyze and improve the visitation of the online environment, to carry out targeted marketing activities for riding, etc. Since there are legal guidelines for defining the legal principle of legitimate interest, on the basis of which an assessment can be made, the legal basis of this decision is thoroughly assessed before any questionable decision related to personal data.

In the online environment, cookies are used for automatic data processing. There are cookies for different purposes and not all of them store visitors’ personal data. Some cookies are necessary for the high-quality functioning of websites, some for the analysis of website usage statistics, and some for marketing efficiency. You can read more about cookies on our Terms of Use of Cookies page.


We store data that we have collected in connection with the creation and maintenance of customer relationships, the conclusion of an employment contract or the creation and maintenance of partnership relationships, confidentially and in accordance with best practice and under the conditions prescribed by law. We store personal data as long as we need them to fulfill the contract or meet requirements arising from contractual relationships, or as long as data storage is mandatory for us, or if data storage is based on a legitimate interest. We generally retain personal data processed on the basis of consent until the consent is withdrawn. For more detailed information about the storage of your personal data, please contact us at the contacts below.

In electronic channels (visiting websites, e-mail marketing, etc.), visitors’ data (so-called “cookies”) are stored anonymously, but also personally. The processing of such data is necessary for the daily regular operation of the company’s electronic service environment (for example, automatic language selection), but also for its improvement (for example, the delivery of marketing messages that correspond to the visitor’s interests). For this purpose, we use the services of several different service providers in our electronic channels, who in turn process the saved general and personal data. The conditions for data processing of the services of such service providers and the terms for storing the necessary “cookies” are defined by each service provider’s own Privacy Terms, which are separately referenced below.


The data subject always has the right to contact us to obtain information about the personal data collected about him and to find out which data, for which purposes and how we process it. The data subject has the right to request the correction of incorrect data, the deletion of unnecessary data and, in justified cases, to limit the actions we perform with the data subject’s personal data, or to submit other objections. If the data subject has given us consent to process his personal data for some purpose, he has the right to withdraw his previously given consent at any time, and we will immediately stop the corresponding operations, if we have no other legal basis for processing the data.

The data subject can at any time opt out of receiving newsletters, offers, reminders, invitations, feedback surveys and other electronic advertising communications by following the instructions attached to the e-mails. The data subject also has the right, if he so wishes, to receive the personal data he has provided to us in machine-readable form and to request their transmission to another organization. For applications, please contact ESTAIR OÜ at the contacts below.

If the data subject has complaints about how we use his data, he has the right to contact ESTAIR OÜ using the contact details below or file a complaint with the Data Protection Inspectorate. The contact details of the Data Protection Authority (AKI) can be found on the website of the AKI.


The Privacy Terms may be supplemented by the amended Privacy Terms or the terms of collection and processing of personal data applied to the websites managed by ESTAIR OÜ, and these Privacy Terms may also be amended and supplemented with them. ESTAIR OÜ may unilaterally change these Privacy Terms and all other instructions containing privacy terms related to personal data managed by ESTAIR OÜ.


Our websites and e-mail marketing channel use cookies for data processing. A cookie is a small text file that the website stores on the visitor’s computer or mobile device when the website is visited. This allows the website to remember the visitor’s actions and preferences (such as username, language, font size and other display preferences) for a certain period of time. This way, they do not have to be re-entered each time the website is visited again or the pages are browsed. In other words, it is a matter of ease of use of websites, statistical analysis of visitor numbers and information collectors necessary for marketing activities. Since these are cookies added by third parties, their privacy conditions and validity are specifically regulated by the creators of these cookies. Below are listed the third parties whose cookies ESTAIR OÜ websites (,, and e-p purchase marketing channel ( use.

Google Analytics; Google Fonts: Privacy Policy
Collected data: Cookies and usage statistics
It is possible not to participate in the collection of Google Analytics statistics.

Facebook Pixel; Facebook Like button; Facebook Share Button: Privacy Policy
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Skype (Microsoft): Privacy Policy
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Instagram: Privacy Policy
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Mailerlite: Privacy Policy
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Akismet & Jetpack (Automattic): Privacy Policy
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